Faith You Can Touch

Автор: Dennis Herman

Короткое описание книги

Dennis Herman has a unique style of writing rarely seen in the Christian book market.

His stories take you back to the places Jesus walked, experiencing love, joy, heartache, and sorrow as details of each story unfolds.

Each story dwells deep into the lessons Jesus taught in a literary fashion a child can see, understand, remember, and share.

Dennis' unparalleled style not only reveals unprecedented depth into events and personalities recorded in scripture, he also shares and explains simple study methods he uses to gather information throughout the Bible.

Scripture is highlighted to illustrate key words and thoughts used to search for supporting texts.

Not only is this book entertaining, but educational.

This is a small starter sample.

A collection of stories from Dennis' five books, three on the Gospel of Matthew and a two part series on Mark.

We hope you enjoy these stories and collect the entire set.

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